Introducing: Do No Harm Consulting!

Do No Harm Consulting will include, not just the podcast, but services such as:

  • Opportunities to have Dr. Nelson speak about Health At Every Size and Weight Inclusive Care at your events.

  • Education for medical providers, which will include CMEs in the future.

  • Support for people who are getting out of the diet world - an opportunity to spend one on one time with Dr. Nelson strategizing how to move forward through BodyGuide sessions.

Check out the new site:

What is possible in health care when we shift the focus off of weight? 

Putting respect into practice means acting to advance social justice. And it means practicing compassionate care and insisting on it for ourselves. So, how can we bring about this effect through our practice, our assumptions and teachings, our conversations, and the decisions we make?
— Linda Bacon, PhD, and Lucy Aphramor, PhD, RD,  Body Respect