Compassionate Care with Deb Burgard, PhD

This episode is fairly far ranging in topic and trying to pinpoint every topic was too daunting. We discuss philosophy, medicine, compassion, engaging with patients on a human level and more. Deb Burgard is such a thoughtful person who has taken a lot of time to really think about the topics surrounding not just fatness, but also social justice and how to make the world a more compassionate place. It starts with each of us individually, but I think it helps to listen to Deb and take in her joyous wisdom. I hope that you enjoy listening to her as much as I enjoyed making this episode with her.

About Deb:

Deb Burgard, PhD, FAED, is a psychologist and activist from the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in concerns about body image, eating, weight stigma, and relationships. She is also one of the founders of the Health at Every Size(r) model, the original website, and the Show Me the Data listserv, building communities where people can find each other and the resources to resist weight stigma, especially in medical and psychological treatment.  Her activism includes working with healthcare providers to integrate an understanding of the social determinants of health and creating interventions that address structural oppression and support stigma resistance.  She can be found at conferences sparking impromptu dance parties in the pool. 


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FB group for doctors: Health At Every Size Doctors