Ethical Medicine for larger patients with Ragen Chastain

This is technically the last episode of Season 2. It was initially intended to be release in 2018, but that did not happen. I interviewed Ragen Chastain, an activist and dynamic speaker about Fat Acceptance, weight stigma in health care, and Health at Every Size®. The conversation ranged across a broad array of topics and I really recommend listening to all of it. The bit that really stood out to me is the idea that practitioners and fat people should be on the same side an asking how to break down barriers to health, including bias.

In this episode (some of the topics we cover):

  • Social Justice

  • Things providers can do

  • Weight loss intervention and what it means

  • Weight loss as a thief of credit for better health 

  • Weight loss surgery and informed consent

  • Barriers to health – we can do better

  • Sigma and health 

  • Surgeries on fat people – where I ask for surgeons to let me know what are the issues to overcome.

Ragen Chastain is an internationally recognized thought leader in the fields of self-esteem, body image, Health at Every Size, Size Acceptance, and corporate wellness.  

Ragen's depth of knowledge about self-esteem, body image, health, and wellness, comes from a combination of her personal story of overcoming an eating disorder to become a national dance champion and marathoner, and her training as an ACE Certified Health Coach, and researcher. Her ability to combine humor with hard facts in ways that educate, motivate, and entertain, have made her a sought-after speaker on the collegiate, conference, and corporate circuits. 

Ragen has presented to employees at companies including Google Headquarters and Apple, spoken to students, faculty and staff at Dartmouth, CalTech, and Michigan State to name a few, and spoken at conferences across the world to audiences from third graders to physicians.

Even if we believe the large body is a problem, a weight loss intervention has the opposite of the intended effect about 66% of the time.
— Ragen Chastain
[Regarding hospitals/clinics/etc]Did you not know fat people existed [when you set up your institution] or did you not care if they got good healthcare?
— Ragen Chastain

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